Latest Games

  • Skewer in the Sewer

    Skewer in the Sewer

    Donnie has gone and reprogrammed Metalhead again! Slice, dice and pierce your way through Metalhead's tasty training.

  • The Goo from Goo Lagoon

    The Goo from Goo Lagoon

    Someone has tainted the goo from Goo Lagoon and it’s messing with Bikini Bottom! Sandy’s got a plan, and SpongeBob is the perfect sponge to clean up t...

  • Breadwinners: Ducktionary

    Breadwinners: Ducktionary

    What’s up, my duck!? In this online funny game, learn how to speak the beak with the riduckulously quazy Ducktionary with Sway Sway and Buhdeuce! Afte...


  • Sanjay and Craig: Rad-Awesome Roller Coaster

    Sanjay and Craig: Rad-Awesome Roller Coaster

    Help Sanjay and Craig make it through the raddest roller coaster around! Keeping all limbs inside the vehicle is not an option in this funny online ac...


  • Donnie Saves A Princess

    Donnie Saves A Princess

    Donnie’s dreaming of an 8-bit princess. Help him save her! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Donnie Saves A Princess is an online action game starring Dona...


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Nickelodeon Genius with Melrose

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Nickelodeon Birthday Club

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