Cadets, the ToyShip needS you!

A rip in space and time has created a portal to an incredible universe of toys and the ToyShip are recruiting a team of highly specialized Sprint Rangers to investigate. Your mission - should you choose to accept - will be to to embark on a 60 second mission to collect as many samples from this extraordinary universe as your trolley can carry!

Should you wish to undertake this mission, select an option below and fill in the application form that applies to you.

Entrants have 3 opportunities to apply for a position on the ToyShip. If you would like to increase your chances of being chosen, you will need to enter a barcode from your Toys R Us till slip which will give you an additional 2 entries into the draw! Head on down to your nearest Toys R Us store for more information.
The 2019 Nickelodeon Toy Sprint is brought to you by:

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