Henry Danger Characters



Charlotte is one of Henry’s best friends. She's super clever, with straight A's in sarcasm and as sharp as a tack! Nothing gets past this gal and it didn't take long for her to figure out Henry’s secret. Now she works with him in the Man Cave and uses her brainpower to help Captain Man and Kid Danger keep Swellview safe— even though they can drive her crazy. Good thing she's great at keeping secrets!

Henry Danger

Henry Danger is brought to you by the creator of Sam & Cat, iCarly, Victorious and Drake & Josh!
As the sidekick to Swellview's #1 superhero, Captain Man, Henry Hart has the best after school job ever. He gets to beat up bad guys, play with awesome gadgets and save the day. Plus, it pays 9 dollars an hour! Pretty sweet gig, right?

But catching maniacs, giant toddlers and evil dentists isn't all fun and games. It's up to Henry to balance the challenges of school, dating and dealing with a crazy boss with the wild adventures of a real-life crime fighter. But as long as he keeps his identity hidden from his family, friends and new girlfriend, Henry is set to be the superhero sidekick of the century! Villains, beware.
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