Hey Arnold! Characters



What can you do when you live with two eccentric grandparents in a guesthouse where is not allow children? How can you get along with a girl, Helga, that can beat you even when she have her two hands tie on her back and an eye cover? What would you do if your head has the shape of an American football? If your name is Arnold you know the answer to all that and you are able to live with all this.

Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold! follows the life of Arnold, a city kid with street cred, imagination and a head shaped like a football! Arnold lives with his weird grandparents in a multi-ethnic, urban neighbourhood that offers endless possibilities for adventure .

How do you deal with a dimwit bully and a ferocious girl named Helga who could beat you up with both hands tied behind her back? Arnold has his share of problems, all right, but he always has a solution.
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