PAW Patrol

Trouble in town? Need an extra hand – or paw?! No worries, Ryder and his PAW Patrol Pups are on the way! Ten-year-old RYDER and his "can-do" PUP friends are always ready to help. No adventure is too big - or too small - for these helpful pups to pitch in.

Rock-slide on the coast road? Sturdy RUBBLE the bulldog - and his bright yellow Digger - is on his way. Someone's camp fire still smouldering? Dalmatian pup MARSHALL's there in no time to make everything safe. Need supplies fast? SKYE the Cockapoo pilot flies to the rescue.

Police-shepherd CHASE, water-rescuer ZUMA and recycler mixed-breed ROCKY all have their own special skills, personalities and jobs too – and with Ryder leading the way they respond to any emergency in ADVENTURE BAY.

Do Not Touch