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School of Rock

Inspired by the hit movie, School of Rock follows a unique group of prep school students who are in for the change of a lifetime when a down-on-his-luck musician poses as their substitute teacher. At first, the overachieving and rule-following kids are rather unimpressed, but their new teacher, Dewey, uses rock n’ roll to ignite their inner expression. Learning and teamwork suddenly take on a new meaning, and they ultimately bond and form their own band called the “School of Rock.” From the quirky keyboardist to the decidedly skeptical leader of the group, they all agree that rock n’ roll may not be such a bad subject to study after all.

In following Dewey’s lead of “sticking it to the man” and bending the rules, his students find the freedom to express themselves and find their true voices and talents. Dewey not only gives them the confidence to stand up to bullying siblings, talk to their school crushes, and learn how to think and act for themselves, but also helps them discover that being a part of a group and having each other’s backs isn’t just cool, it rocks!
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