• Fix It Machine

    Uh oh! Boots has a hole – un hoyo – in his boot! But Dora knows what to do. They can go to the Super Duper Fix-It Machine to fix it right up!
  • We Got Friends

    Happy Best Friends Day! Today’s a special day for best friends to play together, so Boots and Dora decide to meet for a picnic to celebrate.
  • Undercover Dora Travel Song

    In "Undercover Dora" Dora and Boots sing "The Travel Song."
  • Rain, Rain Go Away

    Uh oh! A Big Storm Cloud is coming. Dora and Boots have to warn all their friends in the forest to get home fast so the Big Storm Cloud doesn't rain o...
  • Dora Puzzle Bridge

    Dora Puzzle Bridge

    Boots and Dora are taking a trip, one that will require crossing Puzzle Bridge, which has fallen to pieces.

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer
Dora the Explorer is a half-hour animated children's television series starring a 7-year-old Latina girl and her friends. The show is designed to actively engage preschoolers in a play-along, computer...
Nickelodeon Birthday Club

Nickelodeon Birthday Club

Are you from Nigeria? Enter our Birthday Club competition!
Weekly Wendell: Super Powers

Weekly Wendell: Super Powers

This week Wendell learns about some of the most intersting super powers!