Fanboy & Chum Chum Characters



Best Friend: Chum Chum

Favorite Drink: Frosty Freezy Freeze

Favorite Toys: Mecha-Tech, Agent 8, Ultra Ninja, Comic books.

Favorite Superhero: Man-Arctica, the sub-zero superhero! And Ambidexter! And Blast Zone! Oh, I can't decide - they're all so super awesome!

Greatest Joy: The three minutes with a toy before it breaks.

2nd Greatest Joy: Playing with my broken toys!

Favorite Hangouts: The Fanlair, Oz Comix, The Frosty Mart!

Favorite thing to flurp: Mysenhoffle

Greatest Achievement: Once tipped over a whole rack of bikes.


Fanboy & Chum Chum

They're fearless! They're adventurous! They wear underwear on the outside of their costumes! They're...Fanboy & Chum Chum! Fanboy and his wide-eyed sidekick Chum Chum are endlessly energetic "super fans" of all-things sci-fi and fantasy. These truly original kids have super imaginations and super hero costumes the likes you've never seen before. Their world is full of comic adventure (and misadventures) from an accidental case of Fanboy's teacher turning into a zombie to an ice monster running the Frosty Freezy Freeze machine. So squeeze into your tights-and your tighty whiteys-and get ready for brain freezes and FANBOY & CHUM CHUM!
Do Not Touch